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We help companies understand and attract women developers.

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Female talents are not won through yesterday’s channels. Fortunately! Because the new ones are data-driven, targeted and scalable.



We have our finger on the pulse of women developers and bring this knowledge to leading companies in the EU. We bring knowledge directly from female talents.



Our founder is one of the most sought-after speakers in the European region. We talk about the topics Women in Tech, D&I and New Work.


Women Developers Recruiting

Leading companies trust us. We reimagine recruiting. To engage with these female technologists we help target international community discussions such as Hacker News, Github, Stackoverflow and Reddit. To effectively engage with women candidates in these new environments, we retrain and help to acquire new recruiting capabilities.

Female Talent Consulting

You want to bring your product to a women target group? You want to understand what women developer talents expect from an employer and how you can win over female talent. Whether it’s a project, workshop or keynote – we bring knowledge directly from women developers.


D&I Keynotes

Our team is one of the most sought-after speakers in the European region. We talk about the topics Women in Tech, D&I and New Work. With our partners we conduct the most relevant studies on women developers in Europe.

We help you understand and attract female talent

Riess Tech is a management and recruitment consultancy. We make our clients fit for female talent. We are providing the new female tech talent companies need to succeed in digital.

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, if you understand your female talent needs and know how to meet them, you have a competitive edge. Here’s how we recommend doing it.

Our Founder, Victoria Riess, helps you as Tech Ambassador to attract other exceptional female talent to the organization through her personal networks and industry reputation as well as by signalling to the market how important that female talent is. We evaluate the networks of other top female talent, invest extra time, and involve your senior business leadership in pursuing them.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Like attracts like, and that’s true of top female talent too. We made a targeted women ‘anchor hire’, our Founder & Top Women Leader in Tech. We have invested in our Founder & Top Women Leader in Tech as female anchor hire who is a leader in the engineering discipline and tech industry. And so do you.

Victoria Riess, MBA
CEO & Founder

Victoria is Senior Strategy Leader, Executive, Board Advisor in Tech, Cambridge MBA and CEO & Founder of Riess Tech. For her contributions on the topics of Women in Tech, D&I and New Work, she has been awarded 5-times as Top Women Leader in Tech.

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