Female Talent Consulting

You want to bring your product to a women target group. You want to understand what women developer talents expect from an employer and how you can win over female talent. Whether it’s a project, workshop or keynote – we bring knowledge directly from women developers.


Riess Tech is the platform of female tech talent recruitment.

Many companies use Riess Tech to understand and attract female technology talent, boost their business performance and create an inclusive society.

Get a 360° view of your female talent strategy

See how your talent strategy really works, view how your D&I initiatives interconnect. Find out if they are money-makers or money-takers.


Give a brain to your D&I initiatives

You’re the recruitment expert, but you can’t possibly know how hiring female tech talent works. Prioritize the biggest female talent opportunities.


Reach new levels of performance

Apply female talent hiring improvements and empower your people to make change happen. Perform digital transformation at levels you never thought possible.


Find the female tech talent you need to succeed in digital with us

Initial conversation to build a compelling vision

How do you find female talent? In a first meeting we learn about your challenges. Is your female IT recruiting typically a slow process? Then, it’s a match.

Analysis to reimagine recruiting

We analyze your female talent situation through interviews and data: For an organization undergoing an aggressive digital transformation, that’s too slow.

Workshop to rethink your IT talent strategy

We present our results and recommendations on how to build an inspiring mission and value proposition, make targe-ted anchor hires and create a network of digital platforms.

Implementation to build an ecosystem of partners

We support you in implemen-ting our recommendations on changing the way you go about hiring and provide assistance to take advantage of the technology ecosystem.

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