Digital transformation strategy

How can telcos digitally transform people, processes and technology and pivot successfully

Telco Digital Transformation consulting project

I am very happy to show my over five years of leadership experience that I gained in the past twelve months, leading the consulting project with my amazing MBA student peers for one of the leading telecom companies during my MBA at the University of Cambridge!

For the board-level project, we addressed how the telco company client can deal with digital disruption and pivot to a stronger position by pursuing operational and business model digital transformation.

We analysed four challenges in the telco industry, identified three gaps in digital transformation which are missing at the telecom client and derived seven recommendations on how to transform people, processes and technology:


1. Agile organisation design

  • Agile organization of digital unit and cultural change management to enable digital transformation and fill gaps in strategic management

4. Data and talent ecosystems

  • Free-of-charge horizontal data platform ecosystem and AI talent ecosystem to upskill, reskill employees and educate population to improve ecosystem management

6. Cultural change management

  • State-of-the art change management and communication strategy for employees and unions in digital transformation to overcome gaps in stakeholder management


2. Expand customers by business offers

  • Expand customer base through new business offers


3. Promote more open innovation

  • Promote more open innovation


5. AI optimized customer ops

  • AI optimized network and customer operations

Organisation and culture

7. Creation innovative collaborations

  • Creation of digital ecosystems and innovative collaborations across value chains

Special thanks go to the telecom company client and the interviewed CXOs!

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