Product-led GTM sales strategy

Product-led GTM sales strategy

How to develop a successful GTM Sales Strategy for my product-led growth company client

Product-led GTM Sales Strategy consulting project

I am very happy to showcase my over five years worth of leadership experience that I gained in the past twelve months, leading my consulting project with one of the leading product-led growth company clients during my MBA at the University of Cambridge!

For my VP-level project, I addressed how to develop a successful GTM Sales Strategy by leading the GTM team and developing the GTM strategy.

I developed four GTM team leadership, four product-led GTM strategy and seven broader initiatives driver recommendations on how to develop a successful GTM strategy at my product-led growth client.

1. Lead the GTM team

  • Build, lead, develop GTM team and instil strong team culture

2. Develop the product-led GTM strategy

  • Develop product-led GTM strategy and business plan and design operating model

3. Drive broader initiatives

  • Drive broader initiatives in EMEA across site, talent and organisation

Special thanks go to my growth company client and the interviewed CXOs!

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